Veggies that Add Flavor to your Food and Their Health Benefits

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If you are like me about food then you love for your food to taste great.  After all what good is it to eat food that you cannot enjoy.  Sometimes the things we use on our foods to enhance the taste can be detrimental to our health or provide no health benefits while being tasty at the same time.  The issue with many of the spices that we use on our foods is that they are very tough on the digestive system.  As a result one may come down with ulcers, gastrointestinal illnesses, heartburn and other complications.  These illnesses then lead to the dependent use of prescription drugs which can further have destructive consequences on the liver and bladder.  We have to be more willing to find out the health benefits of our food flavorings while earnestly finding a seasoning that taste good as well.

 One of the things that I noticed in some vegetarian friends of mine was that they were not heavy consumers of the normal seasonings like salt, pepper, seasoned salt, lemon pepper and things of the like.  Because they were more inclined to eat raw foods or pure vegetables, they did not like to add seasonings and therefore substituted the seasonings for specific vegetables that added a great tasting natural flavor to the meal but also added health benefits as well.  For example, they would prepare home made French fried flavorfpotatoes prepared in a little olive oil and sprinkled with some Mrs. Dash natural seasoning and diced onions.  I had also seen my grandmother prepare potatoes with onions before but I was too young to really lay it to heart.  The flavor that the cooked onions added to the potatoes was unbelievable.  Not to mention that onions are great for creating blood circulation, detoxifying the body and contain chromium which has been linked to helping those that have diabetes.  When you can glean these kinds of health benefits while eating your favorite meals it makes your life easier.

 Another great natural seasoning with great health benefits is garlic.  Garlic is very similar to the onion but has its own health benefits.  These two vegetables are in the same family but are different in nature.  Many people like to add garlic to their spaghetti to really give it a great taste.  Many people drink garlic water to regulate their blood pressure.   Garlic not only can add flavor but it does wonders to strengthen the immune system and keep fight minor coughs and colds.  The only downside to adding garlic to your food is the smell.  It has a strong odor.  The key to cooking garlic is not to cook it too long therefore as to destroy the antioxidant properties.  One of my personal favorites is the green pepper.  They are also known as “bell peppers” and are commonly used in stir-fry, spaghetti and meatloaf.  They have been known to work wonders for those who suffer from constipation and liver ailments.

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