3 Practical Steps To Eliminate The Signs of Aging

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Signs of aging has become one of the most avoided topics in America. If you want to catch an attitude with someone just try telling them they that they’re showing signs of aging or that they’re gaining weight. Although this is a process that everyone must go through, it does not seem to sit well with anyone. After all, who wouldn’t want to be a kid forever, live rent free and play video games all day. Most kids don’t realize how great things are until they become adults and begin to face life challenges and responsibilities. We immediately enter into a different set of worries like bills, children, personal relationships and health ailments. When a person is faced with these sets of challenges on a daily basis, it places enough stress on the mind to make a twenty-five year old look like they’re forty. The signs of aging begin to hit you hard and before you know it, your hair is falling out or your skin starts to wrinkle. I won’t be able to eliminate your stress, but I have included a few things that you can do to slow down the signs of aging.

agingWhen you were a child, your parents always encouraged you to go to bed early because they wanted you to grow and be well rested for school. I’m encouraging you to return to your childhood days and be in bed before ten o’clock pm. It may seem difficult, but if you want those signs of aging to slow down, you will need to make some sacrifices. Remember your goal is to stay youthful so you have to adopt the habits of the youth. Staying up late hours will put extra stress on your body. By doing this you will throw the body out of rhythm. While resting, your body is at work replenishing it’s self. If you want your hair to grow, your bones to rest and your skin to regenerate you’d better get to bed early. As a caveat you will also have longer days because you will wake much earlier from your sleep and be able to accomplish more.

The more my mother ages, the less she likes to eat. She attributes it to her lack of appetite but she just doesn’t seem interested in eating these days. It is good sound practice to eat at least two good meals per day. I have many associates that only eat one big meal per day because of their work schedule. Eating one gigantic meal per day can stress out the digestive system. One big meal is too much food to break down at once. I do not encourage eating if you are not hungry but I would encourage breaking the one big meal into two parts. You will be taking in the same amount of food but the effects will be much more beneficial. Consider it the same as your financial advisor telling you to break your mortgage payment into two parts and pay it twice per month. You will be paying the same amount of money but you will cut thousands of dollars off of your payment because you have more money going to your principle and not the interest rates.

One of the most common ways to slow up the signs of aging is to consume a diet rich in plant life. This means that you must eat a minimal of one piece of fruit and one vegetable per day. Oranges, cherries, avocados and spinach are all fresh produce that will benefit you greatly. These plant base foods are loaded with micronutrients and rich in antioxidants. The function of antioxidants is to allow the body to defend itself against bacteria. Consuming fruits and vegetables as well as taking mineral supplements will prove to be very effective in the long run. In order to glean the maximum benefit from the fruits and vegetables it is best to eat them on an empty stomach so that they can fully digest in your system and be utilized properly by the body.

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