Drinking Water: How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day?

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With the summer heat temperatures around the country reaching record breaking highs this year, it is important for everyone to be properly hydrated throughout the day.  In Detroit, Michigan there has been quite a few heat related deaths that may have been able to be prevented.  While drinking water may not be the full story to hydrating your body, it does play a big role in your entire body.  Something as simple as “a lack of water” can cause death.  It sounds trivial but yet it is true.  In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that malnutrition and dehydration were the bottom root causes to most illnesses, according to the studies of Harvard graduate Dr. Jennifer Daniels.

A big misconception about drinking water is that, everyone should drink the same amount.  This issue is the most important part to hydrating your body correctly.  I’m sure many of us have heard someone mention that we should be drinking eight cups of water each day.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Reason being is that we must take into account the climate in which we live in and the size of the individual.  It is not logical to think that eight cups of water will hold the same benefits for a 250 pound man as it would for a 150 pound man.  Naturally the bigger person will require more water.  It is also irrational to think that a person living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota who works construction should drink the same amount of water as a person living in Miami, Florida who also works a laborious job which requires them to be outside.  Drinking water should never be based upon a general standard.

The equation for drinking water is simple.  I will take my personal weight of 190 pounds.  On a casual everydaywater1 basis I must consume half of my bodyweight in water, but I must convert those pounds into ounces.  I will take 190 (my weight) and divide it by the number 2 which gives me 95.  Once I have the number (95), then I will take the number 8 (because 8 ounces equals one cup of water) and divide 95 by the number 8.  By doing this I will have the number of cups of water I should drink per day for my bodyweight.  So according to this equation, the number of cups of water I should drink per day is roughly 11.8 cups per day.  I naturally round up to twelve.  There goes the old notion of everyone drinking 8 cups of water each day.

If you are in an environment  or climate which causes you to expel more sweat than usual then it is advised that you add about 4 to 5 cups to your average daily consumption.The great thing about drinking water is that it promotes blood circulation and hydrates your skin to help remove toxins.


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