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genetic diseaseThere are an abnormally high number of people who are afraid of genetics coming back to haunt them.  They have in their mind that if their mother or father had a specific disease then they too will contract that same disease.  When you enter a doctor’s office what is one of the first things that you must do?  You generally have to fill out a form.  On that form is a checklist of things that you may have contracted in your past or things that have a history of showing themselves within your family.  What the doctor is doing is checking to see what diseases you may be prone to contracting.  The operative word here is “prone” and you will understand why later.  Doctors may tell you that certain diseases are genetic but that is somewhat of a generic approach to what may be going on within your family.   Most disease is not genetic.  What doctors know is that if you were raised in a family with strong unhealthy dietary traditions then you are prone to come down with any disease that your parents or grandparents once had.

This is the part that most doctors won’t share with you.  In a technical sense these diseases are genetic if you continue on the dietary path that your family did.  However, if you change your diet and begin to eat those healthy foods then you will have proven that the diseases are more cultural than anything.  An example would be if you grew up eating soul food such as many of the African Americans from the southern parts of the United States.  If all you have ever known is fried foods, ham hocks and chitterlings then you will probably continue to eat these things over the course of your life.  Naturally if you are a truth seeker and researcher then you will change your life.  But if you eat this way and you know that your mother had cancer and your father had cancer then it is a very strong chance that you too will contract cancer because you are eating the same foods that they ate.  So, this pattern of eating is what makes diseases genetic.

Disease is not genetic.  It’s cultural. (Most times)
But guess what?  If you were to stray from the path and take a diet that is rich in micronutrients the chances are that you would not become ill as your parents did.   When a doctor tells you that something is genetic do not be alarmed.  What they are aiming to say is that you eat the same way as your parents so you are subject to contract the same afflictions.  At the end of the day we are all products of our environment.  If both of your parents were lawyers and your grandparents were lawyers then there is a strong possibility that you or one of your siblings could become a lawyer.  It is not guaranteed but it is a strong possibility.  Only a willingness to choose another career path would break the cycle.  This same concept can be used in relation to diseases being genetic.  If you want to break the cycle then you must change your diet along with your thoughts.

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