Sore Feet: What Your Feet Mean to Your Body

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Being able to walk is one of the many gifts that we receive from the creator on a daily basis.  Often times we take for granted that we have all of our faculties and think that they will continue to work perfectly forever.  What I have found is that everything in life is a mere reflection of something else be it bigger or smaller than its counterpart.  Foot care is one of the biggest industries in the world but yet it continues to grow despite the unlimited amount of education available to us.  Based on the growing foot injuries and foot surgeries it is safe to say that the world as a whole deems their feet as something that will take care of themselves. Remember I mentioned life being a reflection of something else?  If you decided not to pay your rent for five months could you continue to live in the house?  The answer is no.  The same thing happens with your feet.  If you continue to walk on sore feet everyday in tight fitting shoes, no pedicure and flat arches without supports, the chances are that they will break down.  This is very important because of the role that your feet play in your life.  When you have sore feet that is a sign that “your dawgs” are crying out for help.

You constantly put pressure on your feet everyday through walking, running, standing and jumping.  Here is the critical part.  Once you have a foot injury, sore feet or a foot surgery, other extremities start to become affected.  Your feet are there for balance so they must be taken care of.  Have you seen a car run smoothly on a tire with a hole in it?  Of course you haven’t.  Your body is the same.  After those foot injuries the problems resonate upward to the ankles, knees, hips and then back.  The majority of individuals who undergo hip replacements, knee scopes, and back issues are those who once suffered from sore feet problems or other issues such as over pronation, bunions, hammer toe, etc.

 To avoid the pitfalls of sore feet and foot injuries it is wise to see a podiatrist and find out if you need orthotics for your shoes.  Orthotics work wonders because they straighten up the body and give you your normal posture.  I have found that many aches and pains in the knees and back go away after people have custom made orthotics.  Other things to do would be to soak your feet once per week in Sea Salt and maybe give them an ice bath to cut out inflammation.  Foot massages, pedicures, arch supports, proper fitting shoes, good socks and rest will all lead to feet that feel great.  Don’t forget to take extra calcium to keep those bones strong.  Avoiding milk and cheese products will also help.  Staying away from these food items will cut out the inflammation by way of eliminating mucous from your body.

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