The Most Important System In The Body

[ 0 ] April 3, 2016 |

The digestive system processes all of your food from a day-to-day basis yet is often overlooked when we think of the most important system in the body. It is from the digestive system that everything else functions throughout the body.  Meaning the food that we eat is processed in the digestive system and circulated throughout the entire body to make repairs.  If there is a disease present in the body rest assure that there was a breakdown in the digestive system. (SEE VIDEO)

As far as other systems in the body, the digestive system occupies a large supply of the body’s blood especially during the digestive process.  It only makes sense that we eat our way out of conditions as we ate our way in them.  The measure of every man and woman’s health can be found in the state of health of their gut.

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