The Physiological Stock Market: Invest In Your Health or Your Market Will Crash

[ 1 ] April 15, 2016 |

By definition to invest is to put money to use either by purchase or expenditure in something that is going to possibly yield profitable returns.  Those profitable returns can be income, interest or appreciation in value.  In this case we’re speaking of your health so we are speaking of “appreciation in value.”  In any undertaking that you are apart of in life, when you want a profitable gain you will need to invest.  If you want to make money you need to work for it, if you want great health you need to invest in the things that give you optimal health and if you want to be the best businessman then you have to invest your time in studying your craft and practicing technical skills in order that you may receive profitable gains.  In this case we are seeking appreciation in value.   Let’s put the bullshit aside for a minute and recognize that the most precious stock or commodity you own is “your health.”  The issue I take with many of my people is that they don’t want to invest in their health.    It’s the classic “trinket mentality.”  The trinket mentality values perishables over things with intrinsic value like your health, love for family and respect wherever you set foot on earth.

I was fortunate to assist doctor Dr. Joel Wallach in his lectures around the country  that he gave on disease reversal.  After the lectures he would take questions and explain to people the things that they needed to purchase (along with a change in mindset) in order to begin their road to recovery.   The first thing that people would say is that they didn’t have the money to buy the products for their health.  Yet these were the same people who were smoking a 7 dollar pack of cigarettes walking into the event.  People seemed to balk at buying the things necessary for their survival but didn’t have a problem with splurging on junk and nonsense.  They could buy nice rims for their cars but didn’t care about improving from their diabetes.  What good are car rims if you are not alive to enjoy them?  I’ll tell you what would happen.  Your family members or friends are going to drive your car with rims directly to the cemetery, cry for you and then drive it for the remainder of the time that they are alive.  If not that then they’ll sell it.  Either way you’re not reaping any benefit.  This is all courtesy because you wouldn’t invest in your health.  Shoes, clothes, jewelry and cars mean more to you than being alive and well?  Making sacrifices such as the elimination of fried foods, milk and refined foods are too much for you because you want everything to taste good.  These too are investments.  The thing to keep in mind about investments is that they can go either way.  They can earn you an appreciation in value or they can “depreciate in value.”

There are investments in which I perceive to be negative investments.  Eating burnt meats or french fries help you to invest in the decline of your health.  The direction that your investments go will be entirely upon your shoulders.  In business you need to invest money if you want to make a profit correct?  If you want to sell clothes from a store you have to pay for the real estate and a state license to sell.  You can’t just sell clothes on the street for that would result in a legal fine and possibly incarceration.  If selling goods require an investment what makes you believe that you can get away with this with your health?  Above all you have to invest in your health.  If there is money to be spent on anything (I wouldn’t care of it was one-thousand dollars) it should be spent on keeping you alive and well.  Without your health you are non-existent.  Sure you might live to be ninety years old but if your legs were amputated at fifty and you lost your eyesight at sixty-five, what good is it to live forty years with a low quality of life?  The money that you could have spent in the past is now being used to pay a nurse to come and take care of you every day of the week.  You can pay now or pay later either way the choice is yours.

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