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“Excuse me Cochise, Can you help me reverse diabetes?” A lady asked me one day after a book signing and lecture that I did in Detroit of 2013.  I told her that I wasn’t a doctor by any stretch of the imagination but I may be able to share the little information that I learned on what it takes to help a person heal their pancreas (which is responsible for insulin production).  These days you have to watch what you say because it can and will be held against you in a medical court of law. LOL!

Nevertheless she proceeded to explain that she had tried everything to reverse diabetes but nothing was working.  She experienced temporary relief but nothing sustainable.  I later came to find out that she conveniently left out how inconsistent she was in following any protocol as it related to her high blood sugar.  After not finding immediate results she (like most people) became weary and decided to live her life being a good patient on the medications issued to her by her doctors.

Here are two very important things (in my opinion) that everyone should know who suffers from diabetes or high blood pressure.  Also know that these diseases normally run as a pair.  meaning if you contract diabetes you have a high chance of contracting high blood pressure at some point.

1. You’re Trying To Heal Symptomatically.  This approach to disease management alone has potentially caused more deaths and medical tragedies than the top three causes of death in America. Let’s make it very simple for you.  Let’s say you have diabetes.  Your primary goal should be to rid yourself of or reverse diabetes.  But you don’t and most people won’t.  The reason is because you concentrate on lowering or normalizing your “high blood sugar.”  Diabetes is NOT high blood sugar. Diabetes is a metabolic disease.  High blood sugar is a “symptom” of a diabetes complication.  You get me?  So you take medication to “lower your blood sugar” but not to cure your diabetes.

reverse-diabetesThe result is that you live your entire life on blood sugar regulating medications!  It gets deeper.  You can still DIE while you have normalized blood sugar while on your medications.  Because you have not fixed the metabolic disease which is a systemic issue.  But you’re looking at it as a symptomatic issue. The same thing happens when people try to cure high blood pressure (hypertension).  They try to lower the blood pressure instead of solving the blood or heart issue that caused the high blood pressure in the first place.  High blood pressure medication does it’s job.  It lowers your blood pressure.  It’s not intended to cure you.  People die everyday while consistently taking their high blood pressure medications as prescribed.  When you’re trying to reverse diabetes or cure high blood pressure you absolutely cannot focus on just treating the symptom.  You must go to the system to find out what caused the problem and work from there.  It’s generally going to be a nutritional deficiency or stress related problem.

2. The Generic Cookie Cutter Treatment.  We could line up 500 diabetics today and without speaking to them we could probably guess all of their medications. Everyone is treated and diagnosed as if their case is the same as the next individual.  The key to reverse diabetes lies in how each individual personally contracted their diabetes.

Certain foods or situations trigger different bodily reactions in each individual.  For this reason it is unfair to just subscribe someone the same drug as everyone else when the cure to reverse diabetes for them may be as simple as removing food items from the diet that caused “their specific diabetes.”  Usually doctors just give hypertension or diabetic medication because the pharmaceutical rep says it works.  I understand that everyone has a job to do and a family to feed.  But when you take on a big responsibility that involves the lives of other people you have to be willing to go the extra mile to try something different with each patient.

One person may have contracted high blood pressure or diabetes because they ate too many candy bars in a month.  Another might have been on a heavy starch diet and has not exercised for three months. These are logical situations that could play a major role in disease contraction.  Naturally it’s a bit more complex as there are always a litany of things involved during the presence of disease within the body. (i.e.) Adrenal glands issues, cortisol levels or the state of health of your liver.  The moral of the story is if you’re a doctor and you want to do things like reverse diabetes or cure high blood pressure you’re going to have to leave the generic treatment realm.  This will involve you “treating the individual” instead of treating the disease.

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