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Of all the people on earth that must be shielded and protected from harm, pregnant women (along with children) are at the top of the list. The math is simple.  They are the nurturers of society as well as life givers during this delicate time period.  In knowing that we felt it very necessary to share just a few small tips that can assist pregnant women during their pregnancy.

For a child to be perfectly healthy without blemish there are a plethora of things that have to go right. This is why every child born completely healthy is a miracle considering that there are so many intricate moving parts to forming a salubrious fetus.  One of the first things a pregnant woman wants to know is, What should I eat?” or “Is there something I can do to ensure the health of my baby?”  These concerns are very understandable as everyone wants the best for their children.

Nutrition is the most important piece to having a healthy baby.  When pregnant women do not consume the proper foods they end up gaining large amounts of weight.  Yes weight gain is a part of the pregnancy but unskillful weight gain is not.  Cravings during pregnancy result from nutritional deficiencies and as a result the body intelligence compels pregnant women to eat certain things that they may not have liked eating before pregnancy. This is why you hear about pregnant women (in general) eating pickles (body’s desire for sodium), fish (body’s desire for essential fatty acids), etc. Many women also experience teeth problems (due to the body taking calcium from the mother’s teeth and bones and using for the developing baby) and hair problems (hair falls out in patches or thins) which is also due to a lack of nutrients.

To help you avoid mineral deficiencies and other precarious situation here are just three things you can add to your diet to help fortify the nutritional plan you currently follow.

These guys are going to help combat acidity and help prevent miscarriages.  The one thing that mangoes do is they alkalize the body.  Most women (and men) are overly acidic due to the diet.  We need to bring balance and restoration back to the body.  Due to the influx of readily available health information we have many people that are infatuated with becoming alkaline.  It’s good to consume alkaline foods but also understand that the body is partially acid.  How do we know?  Simply break down the acronym DNA and you’ll arrive at the term  Deoxyribosnucleic Acid.  So our bodies are inherently acid meaning we need some acid in the body.  Pregnant women are generally slightly acidic which is why a mango will be beneficial in that aspect.  We want the ph to be slightly alkaline (approximately 7.3).  The tartaric acid, malic acid and traces of the citric acid help to maintain the alkaline reserves.

So how exactly do mangoes help prevent miscarriages?  Mangoes contain folic acid which is a B vitamin (B9) that is responsible for keeping pregnant women very healthy.  To be specific it helps prevent birth defects like spina bifida, cleft palate, cleft lip among other things.  The interesting piece to folic acid is that it is used to treat certain anemias.  These specific anemias occur when the red blood cells are larger than normal.  The basic form of anemia of which many women suffer is when there is not enough red blood cells.  Pregnant women need those red blood cells to carry oxygen to the baby! So folic acid (in this case) is of extreme importance.  Other sources of folic acid include green leafy vegetables and brown rice.

Red Raspberry Leaf 
Here’s a take on Red Raspberry Leaf from Celebrity Herbalist, D’Jehuty Ma’at-ra.  “I have been recommending red raspberry leaf to pregnant women for more than 13 years now and not a single woman ever had a complaint about this benevolent plant.  My ex-wife and present wife both took Red Raspberry leaf while pregnant. We’re talking four healthy children here and four births whereby the labor ranged from 1-4 hours.

Not just because of Red Raspberry Leaf, but a few other things as well. However, Red Raspberry Leaf tea was drank daily throughout their pregnancy terms so the herb played an invaluable role in these two women’s pregnancies.  Red Raspberry Leaf deserves to be called a woman’s best friend. Women should consume this plant whether they’re pregnant or not. All herbs that have a thin fibrous lining and are somewhat mucilaginous in nature are beneficial to the female reproductive system in general, the vaginal tract in particular.

pregnant womenRed Raspberry Leaf will greatly benefit the female vagina as well as the reproductive glands and organs such as the uterus and ovaries. The plant contains estrogen-like compounds (estrogen precursors) and we’re not talking about the bad or adverse estrogen that man (via Big Pharma) produces, but the natural estrogen-like compounds found in Nature that have no adverse side-effects, especially when a woman is healthy and there is no situation whereby her body is contaminated with synthetic man-made pharmaceutical-grade estrogen.

Natural estrogen (estrogen precursors) will not harm the female body. Not at all! However, if the female body is saturated with harmful, synthetic, man-made pharmaceutical-grade estrogen (estrone, estradiol) and a female begins to take natural estrogen (from a plant source such as Red Raspberry Leaf) without first detoxifying her body of the harmful and toxic residues of the man-made estrogen that some doctor (legalized dope dealer) prescribed for her, then of course the body will be out of whack not even knowing how to process the natural (organic) estrogen (again, which is really an estrogen-like compound called a precursor – estrogen precursor).”

Good Ole Beans and Peas
If you look back in the annals of time you’ll come to realize that many of our ancestors migrated throughout the entire country from the south (where many slave plantations were located).  To take it a step further many African descendants living in the Americas and those residing in Africa carried a diet (and still do until this day) heavy in bean consumption.  Primarily because economically meat was very expensive and beans could feed more people with less money.  The caveat to this situation is that our women were having far more children back then than we do now.  The average black family in the south ranged from at least 4 children to some with as many as 15 children.

All this is being brought up to drive home the point that these pregnant women had home births with very few infant mortality encounters and they consumed large sums of beans on a weekly basis.  Pinto beans, black-eyed-peas, crowded peas and buttered beans, north beans, Lima beans and various other forms of peas were a staple in the diet.  What makes beans so beneficial for expecting mothers?

Beans and peas supply the zinc, iron, fiber, protein, folate and calcium necessary for pregnant women. It’s important that women consume beans so as not to suffer from constipation which is a serious issue during pregnancy.  What happens is women are administered pharmaceutical grade iron tablets (from their doctor) which are made from harmful inorganic sources of iron.  By taking the more natural route pregnant women are assured organic nutrition with no side effects.

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