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Since the creation of the film Urban Kryptonite one of our most common inquiries we have received has been that of How will you know when it’s time to detox your body?  It’s a reasonable question considering that most of us are not taught to detoxify the body.  We’re only taught to ingest and consume! The human body is perfect in that it does provide warning signals when something is going wrong. Unfortunately most of us mistake the warning signs for everyday things that should occur within or to our body.

Today I will share the most common warning signs you should be on the lookout for that will let you know when it is time to detox your body.  For the record, it is wise to detox your body quarterly.  I’m stating this because some of the following warning signals may not present themselves to everyone.

Warning Signs To Detoxify Your Body

detox-your-body1. Bad Breath or Tongue Dis-Coloration.  This is a more obvious sign to detox your body and it’s probably the most recognizable.  The natural color of your tongue should have a pinkish hue. Whenever there is an excess of yellow or white film on the tongue that means that the body is detoxing itself through the mouth by way of the tongue and your breath.  When people have bad breath it’s generally a case of something more sinister happening inside.  Using a tongue scraper is a helpful temporary assistant but it’s not going to resolve the systemic issue which is your digestive system.

2. Smelly Underarms and Feet.  The liver is arguably the most important detoxifying organ that you have.  Fortunately for you whatever the liver can’t get out will come out through the arm pits and the feet among other places.  This can be a sign that the liver is not functioning correctly.  If the liver is not functioning correctly your body will not function correctly.  The best part about this is that the liver is an organ that has the ability to re-grow itself if any part of it is removed.  Having a clean liver ensures that wastes will be dispelled by the proper channels and not through the arm pits or feet.  It’s definitely time to detox your body if you have a consistently recurring strong stench from either of these body areas.

3. The Spare Tire.  Let’s keep it real here.  If you were not born with excess weight around your midsection then chances are you are walking around with non-digested waste in your stomach area.  It’s nothing more than junk that needs to be released from the body.  We see many people walk around comfortable with having excess weight in their midsection and it’s not cool.  Not cool principally because most people who have those spare tires are either diabetic and high blood pressure medication patients or are on their way to being either of the two if not both.  One of the greatest ways to gauge the overall health of anyone is to check their stomach area.  Naturally there are exceptions to the rule but more often than not a “reasonably general” health assessment can be established by focusing on the stomach.

4. Skin Problems.  Skin issues are nothing more than blood issues. As within so without.  As above so below.  Your skin is a manifestation of your state of internal health.  People that suffer from things like eczema, rashes, dandruff and other skin complications are more than likely suffering from “dirty blood.” Don’t get nervous!  We can handle this when we detox the body.  Where most of us go wrong is that we try to defeat the skin disorders by settling for topical treatments.  Topical ointments are good but they are just that, topical.  Have you ever seen anyone fix a smoking car by polishing the hood?  Of course not!  They have to lift up the hood to see what’s going on inside.  In this case it’s the blood.  The ideal marriage would be once you detox the body you can fortify the situation by adding a natural topical ointment.

5. Fatigued.  Being fatigued could mean a litany of things but a common reason has been a build up of unhealthy food and mental stress.  When you are low on energy (and you have a fairly clean bill of health) it may be time to purify the blood for a fresh start.  Low energy is a symptom of poor blood circulation and compromised blood.  Detox your body and give it the tune up that it needs.  It’s always surprising to know that we as people change the oil in our cars every 3,000 miles but don’t cleanse the blood in our bodies quarterly.  How much more important is your blood than the oil in your car?

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