Eating Trailmix Helps Remedy Constipation

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The year is 2005  and I am living in Rome, Georgia playing basketball in the World Basketball Association (WBA) for the Rome Gladiators.  If you’ve ever been to Rome then you know how high the temperatures can soar in May.  On one particular day after practice I decided to stay inside my room at the Ramada Inn and watch a movie.  We were done with practice for the day so I took advantage of my down time.  Not more than ten minutes after I layed down I heard a knock at my door.  My team was full of pranskters so I attributed the knock to one of the guys joking around and I did not answer it.  Five minutes later the knocking began again so I got up to answer the door.  It was my teammate Aaron holding his stomach as he walked in the door.  Everyone on the team knew that I had a penchant for studying health so if there was anything that bothered them, they came to me first before consulting the team trainer.

Aaron informed me that he had not been able to use the restroom for one week and that his stomach was starting toTRAILMIX hurt.  He was willing to try anything to clean his system out and help with the constipation.  I asked him had he tried eating mixed nuts or trailmix.  He laughed jokingly and reminded me that he was serious about this issue.  I told him that long ago I learned that eating trailmix was a great source of working the bowels and relieving the digestive system.  I told him to try to get the trailmix that had peanuts, raisins, cashews, cranberries and almonds.  As far as I knew that was a commplace remedy for constipation.  He followed the directions and that very same night he came back to my room thanking me because he was able to use the toilet.  He could not believe that it was so simple.

One of the key ingredients in trailmix is raisins.  I told Aaron to make sure that his trailmix contained raisins because they contain fibers that work wonders.  The fibers in raisins swell the more they take in water which promotes a cleansing effect and relieves anyone with constipation.  Eating raisins daily will help to keep your gastrointestinal tract clean because you will use the restroom daily and expel toxins.

If you should find yourself in a situation of constipation you would be wise to eat some trailmix.  Not only would you be taking in good fibers but you would also be getting protein in many of the nuts as well.  Vegans and vegetarians are firm believers in trailmixes and the benefits they have on the digestive system.


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