Bad Food? That Fruit Is Not Good For You!

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Each day as I navigate through the seas of organized chaos that we call the world, I am generally in a state of gratitude and openness.  I’m constantly learning whether i attempt to or not.  One of the things that I run across frequently is the notion that a certain fruit or vegetable is considered to be bad food.  I post large quantities of content to my social media outlets daily and receive comments of all forms.  Most people are appreciative or interested while a small select few are prompted on correcting what they feel to be “my short comings.”  I have no problem with others sharing their knowledge on anything that I post.  But one thing that does concern me when people make comments about “bad food” that I write or speak about, is the mentality of superiority behind their comments.  This is not the first time that i’ve heard these comments before.  They’re generally speaking from the stance that a food may be man made and therefore does not serve the body.

I wrote about Spirulina recently and someone mentioned that Spirulina was for “Europeans.”  I’m not at liberty to say whether the commentor was correct or not with his statement but it did strike me as interesting.  Here’s what I know.  To tell someone with 100% certainty that a group of fruits or vegetables is bad for them is not the best approach in my view.  In order for you to truly know if certain fruits or vegetables are truly considered to be bad food for certain people you would have to know the genetic make-up of these individuals.  While people may have a certain color of skin that does negate the fact that many people have mixed blood.  This means that although you and I may be the same color, we are probably very different genetically.

Understanding this you can then understand that it is not the best approach to tell someone that the fruit or vegetable that they are consuming is bad food and that they should not consume it.  A better approach would be to explain to them that this fresh produce has a proclivity to cause certain issues with many people.  Depending upon the genetic make-up of the person they may or may not be affected by the food item.  Some people eat certain fruits or vegetables that are considered to be bad food yet they live a healthy 90 to 100 years.  Others consume so called healthy food daily and live to only 50 or 60 years.  So we see that there is no one way to optimal health although we do respect and understand that nutritional facts and certain plant proclivities cannot be denied.  It does not mean that these plants will have the same affect on everyone.  Certain ethnic groups thrive on certain foods while others suffer from certain foods.  This is not 100% of the time but in a general sense.  Until we know for sure what a person’s genetics look like it’s difficult to say that a fruit or a vegetable is bad for them.  When I mention fruits or vegetables i’m referring to broccoli, carrots, lemons, spinach, almonds, cashews and so on.  I am not referring to things like potatoes and rice although they are considered vegetables I look at them as stand alone starches.  All in all if a person is eating fruits and vegetables I would consider them to be on the right track.  As a health and wellness author/coach, it’s a tremendous amount of work just to get people to eat fresh produce.  I wouldn’t want to confuse or discourage them any more than they are by eliminating certain fresh produce that they may be prone to eat.  People need all the help they can get when changing their diet.  Whether it’s bad food (man made fresh produce) or good food, the fact that they are not eating junk is a great step.

In closing I will say that once they have transitioned from their derelict eating habits and are now accustomed to consuming fresh produce on a daily basis, it could then be a great idea to elevate them to the next level by removing certain “man-made” foods from their diet if they are seeking to live an even stricter dietary lifestyle.  Not everything works for everyone but I think some things are worth trying.

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