Dog Foods Contain More Nutrients Than Baby Foods!

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Dog Foods 
The family is eating at the dinner table and the dog is sitting on the side of the table seeking eye contact from anyone who is weak enough to give in to his desire for food..  He wags his tail in hopes of winning some table scraps. Your daughter (who loves her golden retriever) mysteriously lets some of her country fried potatoes hit the floor beneath her.  The dog sniffs the food and leaves it there.  As a parent you have warned your children many times before not to give the dog table scraps because it can harm the dog.  Not only can you harm it but it’s just not a good habit to get into.

During your first visit to the veterinarian they explained to you which were the best dog foods to buy for your dog.  As a human being it is interesting that the food we eat could be harmful to a dog.  It is quite interesting that a dog won’t eat everything that a human would but yet we consider ourselves to be smarter than dogs.  I know I know… in the hood there are a mob of stray dogs that eat anything they can out of people’s garbage because they are unable to eat from the various selections of premium dog foods.

The logic behind you being told never to give your dog table food is relatively simple.  Dogs cannot cook for themselves, go to the grocery store and buy their own food or fix their own plate.  For this reason dog foods have to be mechanically engineered perfectly with all the known essential nutrients. Dog foods must be able to give them a nutritional benefit with every bite taken. Have you ever seen a dog vomit after a child gave it a pop sickle or a piece of chocolate?  Most of us have.

There are dogs that try to taste everything but then there is the dog that you think something is wrong with becausedog foods the dog won’t eat certain foods.  It is due in large part to the fact that its’ stomach is not used to those kinds of elements and thus the digestive system rejects them immediately.  Although some of us have those stuck-up spoiled dogs who think they are supposed to eat everything that humans consume.  You know the kind that will only eat meat and chicken bones but if you throw them some rice, beans or greens on the floor they will look at you and walk off as if to say, “Do you think i’m a fool or something?” So no, i’m not talking about those dogs!

The interesting part about this is although dog foods are mechanically engineered your dog will more likely than not eat better than your child unless you are extremely knowledgeable about nutrition.  All dog foods come with a certain amount of minerals in them. Generally, they contain twenty-five to thirty-five minerals. Science Diet Dog Food contains roughly forty minerals. This is not just true for dogs as it is all other animals that are fed with pellets or bite size capsules.  When a child is born they have two options.  They will either take milk from their mother’s breasts or consume baby formulas. Two of the leading children’s formulas on the market are Enfamil and Pro Soy Be.  On their best days they contain twelve to thirteen minerals in their formula.  The other formulas on the market generally contain ten or less. Twelve minerals is a far cry from the Dog food that contains 40 minerals.  You do the math on who is eating better.

According to Dr. Joel Wallach, “Children on average are not getting the proper nutrients at birth which in turn causes them to contract diseases that use to occur in people in their sixties and seventies. These illnesses are not genetic but they are cultural.” They are cultural in the fact that children will more than likely follow the same diet that their parents followed which will lead to the same illnesses.  Some of those illnesses include; poor digestion, constipation, diabetes, obesity and hyperactivity (ADD).  To alleviate this problem it is wise to cut back or even stop feeding your children cereals that contain sugar packed non-digestible vitamins.  Foods like Froot Loops, Cocoa Puffs and Corn Flakes would all be examples of cereals that contain vitamins but in a non-digestible form.

I hope that you can understand why your dog won’t eat all of the food that your kids will.  The simple explanation is that your dog probably gets more nutrition from the dog foods that it consumes.

A solution to getting your children more minerals would be for you to consume a good liquid or plant based supplement loaded with at least 60 minerals.  If you are a nursing mother your children will feed from you and consume some of those minerals.  If you’re not nursing you may want to consider giving your child Alternative Baby Milk Nutritive.  This is loaded with various types of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  Both of these suggestions coupled with consuming a diet rich in plant life.  It’s a shame that dog foods are prepared with more essential nutrients than baby formulas!  The good news is that you can do something about the issue now that you know.

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