Meat Eating Vegetarian: You’re A Vegetarian But Still Eat Fish?

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“Fish Is Not Meat.” Oh Really?

Due to the many inquiries I get surrounding what constitutes meat and to all the people I encounter and who tell me they are vegetarian but still eat animal flesh, I found it necessary to type this article.

I must admit that this inquiry can get me quite frustrated at times, but it’s my fault. I project a lot. I project my common sense and intelligence on to others (perhaps more than I should) and the reality is, the Matrix (or Net) did one hell of a job of successfully dumb-downing ‘We the People’ and people just don’t utilize their God-given common sense nor intelligence, reason, or much of anything dealing with the human brain. People just don’t think (or just don’t know how to think for themselves). It is true that people have been taught (trained) what to think rather than how to think.

However, my duty is not to complain, offend people, etc., but to help educate, inform, and enlighten people. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating because I think about all these people who go to a four year college and spend all that money ($25,000.00 to $50,000.00) just to get dumb downed for purposes of being a good little obedient slave in the Matrix or Net while ‘making a living’ while having their true Earth-life purpose of ‘living their making’ extinguished.

Now after being successfully dumb downed and paying for it too (and usually getting themselves into debt via school loans, the number two debt in the U.S. after credit card debt), people have to now find or meet a Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmit, Jewel Pookrum, Dr. Laila O’ Afrika, Queen Afua, Doctah B Sirius, Dr. Sebi. Dick Gregory, Tim Morrow, Dr. Delbert Blair, or Djehuty Ma’at-Ra to be properly deprogrammed from the lies and fallacies of the Matrix or Net and we don’t get paid like UCLA, Duke University, Grambling, Southern Cal, Florida University, Pepperdine University, New York State University, University of Illinois, Cal Berkeley, Harvard, or Yale University; and not that it’s about the money because (only speaking for myself), I get rewarded handsomely (financially speaking) for what I do here at and my other businesses, but if the right people (true educators, light workers) could start getting paid what these major colleges and universities and their professors are getting paid, we could speed up the evolution of consciousness here in the United States.

However, people are financing their tyranny and illusions in the Matrix just so they can get a job and make some money but in the process they lose themselves and their health and then ultimately feel their souls communicating with them and then they are unhappy in and with life. They have a job but don’t like it (they’re just there for the money so as to pay the mortgage and the bills). They’re married but not really in love or enjoy being married. They got a few degrees but a few degrees don’t mean much when your soul is weary. They may even have a little money saved in the bank but even money doesn’t mean much when your soul feels void. They may even be into God, but belief in God doesn’t mean much when your life is in shambles. This situation usually leads people to start questioning God, for they say to themselves: “God, how can I worship you and you let this happen to me?” “Why is my life like this?” And God never answers because this question is not one for God, but for the person. You see, people create their lives; and they do so either by conscious intent or default. The overwhelming majority of people in the U.S. are creating their lives and/or living by default and are thus subject to the whirlwind of circumstances. But either way, people are doing the creating of their lives, not God.

In a nutshell, people need the Truth so that they can find their own truth!

Okay, for the gist of this article, we get to the subject matter.

I meet many people who tell me in conversation that they are a vegetarian and then later on in the conversation they mention how they eat chicken or fish as though chicken and fish are not meat and not derived from a once living creature.

“Vegetarian” derives from the word ‘vegetate’ which means ‘to grow.’ Basically, true vegetarians eat food that ‘grows’ from the ground up, i.e. fruit, vegetables, grains, and legumes (plus seeds and nuts). But due to the ignorance of a lot of people pertaining to the true meaning of ‘vegetarian’ which has led many people to adopt this term to explain their diet and lifestyle which they are confused about as they still eat animal flesh and byproducts, the term ‘vegan’ had to be created which defines a true vegetarian: one who strictly eats that which grows from the ground.

Listen folks, if you eat the flesh, cooked or otherwise, of ANY animal or sentient being, you are technically NOT a vegetarian, but perhaps an omnivore or a delusional carnivore.

What Exactly Constitutes Meat

Following is a standard that will always allow you to know what meat is or what constitutes meat.

You would think that people would know that if its animal flesh, it’s meat, but many people honestly don’t know this.

To know what meat is, always ask yourself the following questions:

Does it have a face and a tail?

Does (or did) it have a mother and a father?

Was it born or did it hatch from an egg?

Does (or did) it grow up from out of the Earth from a seed?

If what you are eating has a face and a tail (or originally had one before it was chopped or hacked off), it’s MEAT!

If what you’re eating had a mother and a father before it was caged and killed, it’s MEAT!

If what you’re eating was born from the womb of a female creature or hatched out of an egg, it’s MEAT!

If what you’re eating is not the result of a seed that sprouted up from out of the ground, it’s NOT MEAT!


Now for all you people out there who claim to be vegetarian and who still eat chicken, turkey, fish, and seafood (bugs of the sea: shrimp, lobster, crab, etc.), apply the four questions above to all of these creatures supra for your answer.

Now after you get your answer and discover the truth of the matter pertaining to being a true vegetarian, call yourself what you really are – a carnivore or an omnivore; or a carnivore or omnivore in transition to becoming a vegetarian.

Now if you don’t eat any animal flesh, but eat the excreta (i.e. eggs, milk) of an animal which is produced from an animal’s reproductive gland or organ, i.e. tit (mammary gland) or vagina, technically you can call yourself an ‘ovo-lacto vegetarian’ (one who does not eat animal flesh but who consumes animal excreta); which is why the term ‘vegan’ now exists to define true vegetarians who do not eat (or wear) anything derived from animals.

NOTE: Ovo = eggs (i.e. ovum, ovaries); Lacto = milk (i.e. lactic, lactose, lactate)

And for individuals who don’t get what I’m saying above, to make it plain – chicken, turkey, lamb, veal, fish (including sushi), shrimp, lobster, and crab is MEAT!

So while on the Full Body Detox (or any other cleanse and regimen) which advocates a raw foods diet consisting of NO MEAT, know you know the answer to your question:

“Can I eat sushi?”

“Can I eat turkey?”

“Can I eat chicken?”

NO! These are meats derived from slaughtered animals! Do not eat them while you are cleansing your temple (body).

Thank you for reading!

*This article is guest post compliments of and Djehuty Ma’at-ra

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