How To Look Younger: Chronological Age vs. Biological Age

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Hair dyes, beard paint, hair growth formulas and skin creams are all products that contribute to what I call the youthful appearance industry.  I don’t care who you are, what language you speak or where you live on earth, you (just as everyone else) want to look younger for as long as you possibly can.  One of the worst things you can do to a person is give them more years than they actually have.  It’s just one of those mistakes that tends to hurt people’s feelings.  It’s almost as bad as asking a woman “When is the baby due?” when in actuality she suffers from fibroid tumors or is simply obese.  I’ve learned to keep my trap shut on all matters of this nature!

I’ve always known about the word chronological but I had never heard it used so much until I entered college and met a guy named Frank “Fish” Martinez (from Belize).  Fish became my barber and shortly thereafter we formed a strong brotherhood.  He was a well studied guy who read a lot of books, trained boxers and lifted weights frequently.  The funny thing about Frank was that he would never answer a question like the average person would.  His vernacular was extremely comical in nature although he didn’t intend for it to be.  One day I asked him how old he was and his reply caught me off guard.  He replied, “Chronologically speaking, I’m 30 years of age.”  He would always start sentences with the phrase chronologically speaking when asked about his or someone else’s age.

I’ve come to understand that chronological with respect to age means how many years you have been on earth in order.  You also hear this word used when people refer to the way the hand of a clock rotates.  This is known as chronological order.  Then we have your biological age.  If you want to look younger this is where your concentration has to be focused.  This is your age at the cellular level.  Your biological age is how old your body actually is.  You may be 25 years old chronologically but your body (cells) maybe 35 years old.  This all depends on your lifestyle.

ANGELA BASSETT2How you live your life on a day to day basis will either speed up or cut down your biological age. Factors that determine how quickly you age are your diet, antioxidant levels, stress levels and of course genetics.  This is why I encourage people who want to look younger to start and maintain good habits no matter how trivial you find them to be.  The harsh reality is that you’re either adding to or subtracting from your cells. But by doing the right things you can look younger if that’s what you desire.

How many people have you seen that look as though they’re 35 years old but after a conversation with them you find out that they are 52 years old chronologically.  Then there’s the other side of the coin. This person is probably doing the opposite of what the individual who looks younger is doing. They may be 28 chronologically but look 40 in the face and body.  This all because of the derelict lifestyle that they lead.

Nothing will crash your health quicker than the following:

1. Smoking
2. Heavy Fried Food Consumption
3. Drinking
4. Using Drugs
5. Keeping Late Night Hours
6. A Toxic Relationship
7. Packaged and Processed Foods
​8. A Job That You Do Not Enjoy
9. Financial Stress

These all contribute to rapid cell degeneration and disease.  They place exorbitant amounts of stress on the body temple.

How can someone find out their biological age?  You have to look at skin elasticity and thickness, vision, balance, lean body mass and many other things that all play a part in determining your age at the cellular level.  If you can run, balance, see and have the skin elasticity of a 25 year old then it’s more likely than not that your biological age is somewhere in that area.  Remember that the biological age is your true age not the chronological age.  Since the advent of the birth certificate system instituted by the catholic church, people have been enthralled with looking at a piece of paper to determine just how old someone is.  Women and men alike have gone so far as to say that, “it’s rude to ask my age.”  I personally think there’s nothing wrong with it but to each his own.

If you’re taking care of your body the way you should be there will be no embarrassment about someone asking you your age.  In fact, you will have the opposite reaction.  You will get a kick out of expressing to people how old you are chronologically.  Here are some things that I think will help you achieve and maintain a youthful appearance.

1. Adequate Sunlight.  There is no way you can consistently not connect with the earth’s primary energy source and think that you’re going to remain healthy and youthful.  That’s your vitamin D.  Even if you live in a colder climate the sun still shines a fair amount.

2. Drop Substance Habits.  Any substances that will alter your thinking and cognition will also alter your body in the long run.  You are purposely inviting toxicity into the bloodstream to kill your cells.
3. Exercise.  One of the best ways to release waste is through exercise.  Sweating removes impurities and makes you feel better.  This is also going to allow you to sculpt and build your body which we all know helps you to look and feel younger.

4. Fifty Percent Raw.  Don’t let this scare you.  All i’m recommending is that you consume a good portion of your food in fruits and vegetables.  This is why juicing and blending has become so popular.  Your body wants raw pure liquid nutrients so that it doesn’t have to work hard to break them down.

5. Water.  I have seen people be able to maintain a reasonable healthy body just from consuming large quantities of water.  Their diets were not good and they were smokers.  But guess what?  The water served as a cleanser to flush the garbage out of the system.  However, i’m not recommending that you just focus on water. Your body is approximately 70% water so that in itself shows you just how important water is to your existence.  Not to mention it helps maintain smooth and clear skin.

6. Sleep.  I know this stuff seems basic but if it was that basic why are we not doing it?  You have to be in bed to give your body a chance to make repairs.  I’m not talking about two and three hours of sleep!  Six to eight hours would probably be sufficient depending on your diet and occupation.

7. Laughter.  There’s a reason why comedians get paid so much money.  The world is stressful and people want a release.  Unfortunately most people choose the illicit substances as their release instead of laughter or exercise.  There have been several studies that show the impact that laughter has had on patients in the hospital improving from ailments.

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