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If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times.  “I can’t eat salt because my doctor said it can cause hypertension.”  This is what we grew up hearing so anyone that approaches us with anything other than this nutritional dogma will be banished to vanity island.  It’s amazing that most of us don’t bother to go beyond what a health care official tells us and seek the information for ourselves.  We are generally more prone to do so if our backs are against the wall (ie) a life threatening illness.  It’s ok because we’ve all been guilty of it at one point or another in life.  One thing about environmental and adolescent conditioning, it’s tough to kick!

Before we jump into the facts on salt I’d first like to elucidate as to what salt is.  Salt is an essential nutrient which is a combination of earth the elements sodium and chloride.  The one thing that should be understood here is that salt IS NOT sodium.  Many of us confuse or use the two words interchangeably. Sodium is a component of salt but it is not salt.  In fact salt’s composition is approximately 40% sodium and 60% chloride. We need salt for every bodily function because we are electric beings.  Think back to the times you were shocked (a small electric current) by clothes that you pulled out of the dryer or by another person that touched you.  Ring a bell?  It’s because we carry electric current.  So the electricity that we need for the body to function properly can only be produced with enough salt.  For this reason it’s laughable when people say that real salt can cause hypertension.

Surely they must have some reason for saying that salt can cause hypertension?  Here’s what’s going on.  They are speaking some truth when they scare people away from salt but it’s not what you think. When they speak of salt and high blood pressure (i’m using both names so that you are aware) they are referring to avoiding “table salt.” Yes table salt does cause hypertension!  Why?  Because according to Dr. Leonard Coldwell table salt is comprised of one-third glass, one-third sand, one-third real salt, crude oil extract and a host of anti-caking agents. Real salt naturally looks like little pebbles or clear chunks.

Here’s what happens to help cause hypertension when you consume table salt:

The glass or sand in the salt scratches the arteries and they begin to bleed.  Cholesterol comes to stop the bleeding so that you don’t bleed to death internally.  Then cholesterol takes the blame as the vehicle to cause hypertension because it narrows the blood passage ways! 

Without veering too far away from the subject of salt I feel obligated to mention potential causers of high bloodcause-hypertension pressure. Two of the main culprits that can cause hypertension are lack of calcium, magnesium and hardening of mucus on the brain as well as in the arteries.  The brain becomes calcified and full of plaque causing difficulty for blood communication with the heart.

Here are the 5 brief facts showing real salt does not cause hypertension:

1. Water Transportation.  You cannot move water and contain it in the right compartments such as tissues and cells without sodium chloride.

2. Proper Digestion. Sodium Chloride is the raw material needed to make hydrochloric acid for your stomach.  Hydrochloric acid plays a big part in your digestion. If there is not enough of this acid you won’t be able to digest anything properly.  The main cells in your stomach cannot make stomach acid without salt.

3. Acid Reflux.  If you don’t have enough stomach acid you get reflux.  Reflux is incorrectly labeled acid reflux. Reflux is caused by insufficient amounts of stomach acid.  It’s not caused by having too much stomach acid which is what we are led to believe.  This is why health care officials prescribe you antacids.

4. Used In Dehydration.  Remember when you came home from playing outside all day only to notice white stuff on your face?  You lost salt through your excessive perspiration, which is what happens to athletes and construction workers alike.  What’s the first thing given to an athlete that is cramping or when someone falls out from dehydration?  They give them a saline solution right?  A saline solution is nothing more than salt water.

5. Salt Licks.  I like to use this example from veterinarian Dr. Wallach.  If you know anything about farming you will be able to answer this question immediately.  What is one of the first things a farmer puts out for their livestock?  A salt block correct?  I can guarantee you that there is no one standing outside day and night telling the cow how many licks they are limited to because salt can cause hypertension.

So understand that real salt does not cause hypertension.  If the body needs salt for all of these functions there is no way on earth that salt would cause illness.  In short, man made salt can cause hypertension but not real salt.  In place of table salt the best options of salt are as follows: Pink Himalayan Salt, Celtic Salt, Black Salt and Real Sea Salt.  Real salt will have a slight hue to it.

DISCLAIMER: Information in this article has not been evaluated by the FDA and is therefore not intended to treat, mitigate, cure or reverse any disease.  If you are experiencing health issues please visit your doctor.

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