Sugary Food Combinations that People Mistake to be Healthy

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The one thing that I sorely dislike is eating foods that I think are good for me but turn out to be very detrimental to my health. When you’re in the health and wellness industry you are taught to look at sugar and sugary foods as a drug. The reason is because of all of the difficulty that the body undergoes while trying to digest sugar.
It takes an enormous amount of effort for your digestive system to process any food or substance that contains high amounts of sugar. Let’s take a look below at 3 sugary food combinations that can silently do you harm if eaten on a consistent basis.
Cereal and milk combination
I know you love your cereal for breakfast because they told you that it was good for you. A shocking surprise is that many of the more common cereals are composed of 40% sugar by their weight. That number is absolutely amazing. The more interesting part is that these cereals are the most popular with kids. Most kids are given the freedom by their parents to fix themselves a bowl of cereal before they get ready for school.
If you know children then you know that they never put “too little” in their bowls. It is always too much. You can just imagine what too much sugar does to a kid that is on their way to school in the morning. No wonder teachers have such a difficult time keeping students under control!
Many of the children’s cereals are consumed by adults as well which is not a good thing if you’re an adult battling a serious illness. Milk can also contain anywhere from 10 to 13 grams of sugar.
White bread sandwich/lunch meat
Sure it seems like the most economical way to take your lunch but you will probably pay more in medical bills if you make this an everyday habit. Many of the lunch meats contain flavor enhancers, gelatin and corn syrup. These are all no good for the body.
Lunch meats are processed which means that they are not natural and have undergone a process or several processes to elongate their shelf life. Sugar, nitrates and nitrites are just a few of the things that are found in these meats that will harm your body. White bread on the other hand is not necessarily one of the sugary foods per se but during the digestive process it will be converted as sugar by the body because it is a refined flour.
Yoplait Yogurt/banana
Every health nut’s favorite snack. This snack ranks high on the sugary foods list! If I had a dollar for every time I saw a person eating this combination, I would be a millionaire by now. You’ll get about 40 grams of sugar each time you decide to consume this snack.
Although bananas have high amounts of certain nutrients, there is a reason that doctors tell their diabetic patients to stay away from bananas. Have you had a banana lately? You can’t tell me that you didn’t notice how sweet that banana was after you took a bite. Yoplait forme contains two artificial sweeteners called aspartame and acesulphame. Consuming these two sweeteners constantly is a fast route to diabetes or other ailments.

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