Urban Kryptonite and What Is Means To The Health of African-Diasporans and Urban America

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In The Beginning There Was Urban Kryptonite

It was was early 2013.  The time was about 3 pm local time.  I had found myself sitting on the edge of my bed in my apartment in Limon, Costa Rica attempting to finish typing the draft to a book that I began typing some months prior.  I was living in Limon because I was under contract with a professional basketball team called the Limon Sharks.  Limon is rich in Afro-Caribbean culture and is the place that many people of African descent were brought to work in Costa Rica (railroads, agriculture, etc).  For this reason you will primarily find many people of color residing in this city.  This place has very strong ties to Jamaica as many Jamaicans came to Limon for work and never left.  Due to the influx of Jamaicans you’ll find that most people from Limon speak primarily Patois and the Spanish language.  It’s also worth mentioning that this is a place that Marcus Garvey came to live and work at one point in his life.

What does all of this have to do with Urban Kryptonite?  It was there in Central America in a city of nothing but Africa Diasporan Descendants that I would finish the book titled, Urban Kryptonite.  This book was to address the plethora of issues that were surrounding the so called Melanoid, Black or African Diasporan community.  What were these issues and why was it called Urban Kryptonite? Factually speaking, the Melanoid being (or black person) is genetically created with extreme gifts and talents.  As a people we are sort of like superman.  For a litany of reasons we have collectively been unable to achieve and maintain the level of greatness on earth that we were created to. Superman’s weakness was called Kryptonite.  Whenever the shiny green rock was placed before superman he became handicapped, debilitated and unable to do anything.  That’s exactly what has happened to Melanoid people worldwide.  This collection of unfavorable situations are what we have deemed to be the Urban Kryptonite.

I realized that the book would be great but to reach a broader audience globally it would be necessary to create a film that was entertaining (with raw language) but yet educational.  After publishing the book I spoke at length with the brother D’jehuty Ma’at-Ra who agreed to co-produce the film.  Shortly thereafter I would travel to the east coast to form a bond and brotherhood with essentially the most vital piece to the puzzle, the film director.  Thankfully, the brother Salahdeen Asad was open to the vision and has been since the wizard behind the camera directing and editing that of which we call, Urban Kryptonite: African Roots, Foreign Diseases.

What Many Continue to Gain From Urban Kryptonite

For the first time in the history of documentary films you have a entertaining solution based film strictly dedicated to the health and wellness of people of African descent (or melanoid people).  What is even more paramount is that each and every health scholar in the film are of color.  Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dr. Aris LaTham, Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, LaShana Nicole, Nubia I., Queen Vida Amuah, Minister Enqi, Doctah B Sirius and Dr. Ali Muhammad just to name a few.  That may not mean much to you right now but answer this question… Of all the top health documentaries on the market today I challenge you to list (on just one hand) how many black health scholars you have seen in these films?  There’s Super Size Me, Food MattersForks Over Knives, Food Inc., Vegucated and more!  You won’t make it past two individuals (and i’m being generous).  The point i’m making is that these films provide very good general information on health but it’s not specific to your genetic pool.

This film goes in depth on subjects that are relevant to the black community such as marijuana consumption, sugar, genetic diseases, meat eating, hydration, melanin, religious dietary laws, soul food and more.  We have compiled 4 hours worth of “life altering” information under one umbrella.  Urban Kryptonite lays everything on the line with regards to the culprits that have led to the adverse health effects on people of color worldwide.  Statistics show that African Americans comprise approximately 14% of the United States’ national population.  Yet they suffer disproportionately from a myriad of diseases that are maladroitly believed to be “genetic.”

Oddly enough there is no empirical data linking the ancient ancestral continental Africans to many of these modern day so­-called diseases. Contrary to conventional wisdom enslaved Africans did not arrive to the shores of the Americas (or anywhere) as a sick people. This film addresses all of the folklore and propaganda associated with sickness in the black community. After viewing this film there will be zero doubt in the minds of melanated African descendants worldwide as to what they should eat, drink and do to promote life longevity.

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There are far too many people that can be saved from this information.  You wouldn’t believe the a mount of people that have gone vegan or changed their diet to one of cleaner eating.  That is the most rewarding piece to all of this. Saving lives.  And if you’re not a person of color you should still watch the film because it has powerful nutritional information that can benefit any and everyone.

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