Why Exercise without Supplementation Can Kill You

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Why Exercise without Supplementation Can Kill You

Just Drink water!  Just Drink Water!  Is what they tell you when you are athletic training or involved in a line of work that forces you to sweat more than normal.  While water is a  good thing to drink during the loss of sweat it is not the sole most important element that one should be consuming during any kind of strenuous physical activity.  Supplementation is virtually a long lost word with athletes unless you are referring to body builders.

The major dilemna with “just drinking water” during strenuous activities that cause you to sweat is that, sweat does not just contain water.  According to dictionary.com the definition of sweat is as follows, ” To perspire, especially freely or profusely.”   It can also mean “To gather moisture from the surrounding air by condensation.”  The first definition seems to be the most popular amongst people worldwide.

When you perspire freely or profusely you are excreting a soup that contains minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and other important nutrients.  Just drinking water will not help you replace those nutrients back into your body.  Many people will rush to buy sports energy supplementation drinks that promise to be filled with “electrolytes”, but only contain liquid dye and salt or potassium.  The issue with some of these drinks is that they only contain 1 or 2 nutrients that the body needs.  For the body to replenish itself completely and flourish on a daily basis it needs 90 critical nutrients, not two or three.  B-Vitamins, folic acid, magnesium, biotin, plant minerals and many other nutrients are all lost during the perspiration process.

Did you know that the average life span of a professional athlete is only 62 years of age?  How could that be possible if exercise is good for you?  The reason being is simple.  Professional athletes work very hard and sweat much more than the average person.  As a whole they probably don’t eat healthy nor do they supplement with the proper nutrients.  What you will see is that they advocate and endorse many energy drinks that either have little to no nutrients at all or are packed with fillers that will damage your kidneys.  Don’t believe me?  Read the labels and research some of the ingredients.  The energy drink industry is not different than any other business worldwide.  The goal is the minimize costs and make a profit.  In this case minimizing costs means putting very few ingredients in the product and loading it with sugar for it to taste good.  The makers of these drinks know that people are overly concerned with taste and less concerned with nutrition.

I would highly encourage everyone to start a supplementation program by taking multivitamins, minerals, eating fruits and taking other measures to supplement the body with what it loses during strenuous activities.

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