Lack of Enzymes | The Main Reason Why People Get Sleepy After Meals

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sleepy-after-mealsWhy do people get sleepy after meals?  I never thought about it until a few years ago.  If you are not tired before you take a meal then there s no reason for you to have the need to fall asleep after you eat.  We have come to believe that this is a natural process that is supposed to take place in everyone.  Getting sleepy after meals is not natural.  I’ll explain why.  The first reason that you would be tired or sleepy from eating a meal is that you are simply eating the wrong foods.  It has a great deal to do with food combinations.  When you consume cooked protein and a cooked carbohydrate there is an enzyme conflict.  In this case something usually gets left out in the digestive process.

The entity that gets left out of the digestive process ends up fermenting in the stomach because only one can be digested due to the workload involved with trying to digest both.  For example, steak and potatoes are very difficult for the body to break down.  Although the media would have you believe that this food combination constitutes a hearty meal.  Only one can be digested and the other will ferment.  This is the same principle with fruits.  For this reason I encourage people to consume fruit on an empty stomach 30 minutes before they take their meal.  When you consume fruits after a meal the juices and acids from the fruit come in contact with the food causing it to rot in the stomach.  Fruits are made to go directly through the system to the liver so that they can help to repair injuries or afflictions within the body.  Lack of enzymes is another reason for those who get sleepy after meals.  Enzymes are substances produced by living organisms that act as a catalysts to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.  There are 3 types of enzymes.

1. Food Enzyme – You can get enzymes through fruits and vegetables.

2. Metabolic Enzyme – Removes toxins, produce energy and remove waste.

3. Digestive Enzyme – Are found in the salivary glands, stomach and the endocrine system.  Per their name they assist in the digestive process.

When you experience this situation just know that this is your body’s way of saying that you are eating the wrong foods and it will take too much energy for it to break the food down.  The body then shuts down.  Once your enzymes get depleted it’s very similar to the function of a joint checkings and savings bank account.  When you use all of the money in one account the next account begins to be taxed for all fees.  Once your enzymes are gone your body gets tired.

The more cooked food you consume the less enzymes you are going to have.  Enzymes make things happen.  If you have a construction site and all the materials but no workers, can the job get completed?  Enzymes are your workers.  If it’s not a food that rots then you don’t want to deal with it.  That’s a dead giveaway that you are dealing with the wrong foods.  I like to use the analogy of gas in a car for people to understand this concept.  If you put gas in a car the car doesn’t cut off.  The car is charged up and has the fuel necessary to go further.  You will never see a car cut off after you put gas in it so it is  preposterous for us to get sleepy after meals unless we were sleepy to begin with.

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