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Your diet and your character are a reflection of each other.  Have you ever watched a person like a vegan or a vegetarian on a day to day basis?  By the way I’m talking about a “vegan” not a “starch-a-tarian.”  If you have not watched these people what you will notice is that most of these people (real vegans) are very organized people.  The reason being is that it is out of the norm for a person to follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.  To do so you need discipline.  These people are strict in their approach to their food and generally this behavior transfers over to important parts of their life.  It takes work to rise in the morning and prepare natural juices, clean the juicers and prepare vegan meals.  This is a big difference from putting sausage patties in the microwave and eating them on the way out of the door.

Your diet reveals your character
The reason I am stating that your diet will reflect who you are is because I can tell a lot about an individual by the foods that they consume.  When you do not base your diet on foods that come from the earth then you are unable to receive “earthly messages.”  Whatever foods you consume you eventually take on the personality of those foods.   Plants have roots that drive deep into the earth so when you consume these things you are connecting to the earth.  On the contrary when you consume refined or packaged foods you are moving away from your earthly connection.  When you are disconnected your natural messaging channels are tuned out.  What does this mean?  Your spirit is going to be off balance, you won’t meditate effectively and you won’t have clear thoughts.  Your connection to God will be compromised.   You are unable to decipher things from within that spiritual people can decipher because you are out of tune with things like gut feelings and intuition.  This is all because you have taken on the personality of the foods that you consume.  For this reason when people fast they began to think clearly and be able to openly communicate with God.   The fast has helped them to get rid of the toxins and waste materials that was trapped in the body.   When you consume a “packaged product” you become a packaged product.  You become artificial in that you look good on the surface and you may taste sweet but you don’t provide any value to anyone.  In the end you are sweet as sugar to the people you come in contact with but sugar also kills people.  You come in a different package but yet and still you are harming people under the guides of helping them because of your false appearance.

Unfortunately you end up harming these people or being a cancer to them.  In essence you are fake or artificial.  Not everyone of course but i’m giving you a general metaphysical breakdown.  Pop or soda is an artificial carbonated drink so when you drink pop that’s what you become.  On the positive side, when you consume fruits and veggies you then become as they are.  Everyone that comes in contact with you are helped or benefit greatly from your presence.  As you continue to show that you are a vessel of enhancement they seek you because many times the people that come after you are on the artificial side of things and they want to be an organic person.  They can sense that you (like those plants that you consume) have deep roots that drive down deep in the earth.  Your energy gives the indication that you are firm in your stance on many of life’s principles.  The truth is that you can see the difference on the face’s of people.

Think about the people that you know who are plant life consumers versus those that consume heavy amounts of meat and dairy products.  It is rare that you will see a vegan have unprovoked emotional outbursts or verbal confrontations (there are always exceptions).  These people are usually calm and calculated.  I realize that if you push the right buttons on anyone’s remote they will explode.  But that is very rare with plant life consumers.  They don’t deviate much from their schedules, they’re organized, they meditate and they are grounded.   It does not make them right or wrong but this is usually the nomenclature of these individuals.   With meat and dairy consumers you can’t be sure what you are going to get from them from day to day.  They can be very sketchy.  This does not mean all dairy and meat consumers behave this way but many do.  This is a generalization from my personal experiences with people.  What you eat will determine who you are.  When you base your foods on plant life you open yourself to receive earthly messages which makes you grounded to take in thoughts and be at one with the earth.   Your life becomes easier.  Who will you be?  The answer is in your food which will then send messages to your mind!

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