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I was once told that if you buy someone’s opinions, you get their lifestyle.  Having said that, if you focus on what others tell you to do you will become stagnate in life because you will stay focused on what others want of you instead of what you require of yourself.   The results of this repeated action is a life of failure and misery.  When you listen to others you will obtain the results that they need but not the results that you want.  In the book The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene there is a section explaining the nature of people and their tendency to want what they want.  Greene said that “People are naturally motivated by self interest.” You have a relationship with your friend or lover because they make you feel a certain way.  If you were not receiving any benefit from the relationship you would sever ties with that person.  Well some people don’t sever ties which is why their life is in disarray right now!  (But you get the point that I was trying to make). People will be attracted to you for their benefit and vice verse.

The result of this human trait is a person who gets angry because you are not doing what they want you to do.  I remember speaking with a friend who revealed some information about his peers and family after he received a large contract from the National Basketball Association (NBA).  “Their” argument was that he had changed as a person.  His rebuttal was that he did not change he simply stopped fulfilling all outrageous money requests like he had done in the past.  These people became irate and upset with him because he no longer funded their habits.  It was a move that would give him and his immediate family financial stability and sanity.  These people did not care that he had children and a wife to feed.  But again this is the nature of the beast we call mankind.  His final statement to me spoke volumes.

He said, “You do good to a person and they complain, if you do bad to a person they will complain, so in the end f^^k em!

I remember those words as if I heard them ten seconds ago.  He was correct in his hypothesis.  People will alwaysARTICLES - INSIGNIFICANT PEOPLE complain especially if you’re not doing what THEY WANT YOU TO DO.  It doesn’t matter who it is.  In knowing this, you must do what’s best for you!  Let’s say you took your sister to work ten times in the last three weeks.  One day you inform her that you will not be able to take her.  She begins a tirade as if you have never given her a ride before.  People have short lived memories when it comes to what you have done for them.  I have seen this happen hundreds of times in my personal life. I have learned not to care about pleasing others.  I will sum this entire story up for you with one other story.

If you have been alive and have watched television for the last 6 to 8 years then you saw what happened to the professional basketball player Lebron James.  This man made a decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat and the world turned on him.  They forget that he had taken them to several Eastern Conference Finals and to an NBA Finals which I don’t re-call them doing before or since I have been alive.  The moment he decided to do what was best for his personal career and his family he was heavily criticized.  But why?  What did he owe Cleveland?  His contract was up and he left the team.  He is the best player the franchise has ever seen and he single handedly made a fortune for the franchise.  I’ll tell you what it was.  The team president and the fans wanted this man to stay in Cleveland for their personal reasons and slave this kid to death until he was of no use and push him to the side.  Basically they wanted to “trick him out” and then leave him on the curb.  For the first time a guy didn’t allow that to happen and he got out before the barn burned down.  They couldn’t make millions off of his name and they became irate. Would they have rather him stay and they win and make millions while he suffered emotionally?  I’m sure they would have because everyone wants what they want.  Do what’s best for you!  If you try to please everyone you will end up not pleasing the person most important, yourself!

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