Raw Foods – How Much Raw Foods Should I Consume Daily?

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Forget if you are a vegan, raw foodist or a vegetarian.  If you are not in these groups you should still be consuming a respectable amount of raw foods.  A large sector of the American population live on refined foods and meats.  The miraculous part is that they wonder why they contract diseases or things that will claim their life or the quality of their life.  My nutrition is far from perfect and to be honest it probably never will be.  But there are a few things that have helped me to improve my health in my quest to live optimally .  How much raw foods do I consume each day? That’s a question I have gotten quite often.  I try to consume roughly 60 to 75 percent raw foods.  Depending upon the situation the number may drop to 50 percent.  I would like to be higher but due to my travel schedule the number fluctuates.  Ideally you will want to try to eat more than 70 percent.  I realize that not everyone will be able to do the 100 percent raw foods.  I myself have not had the desire to go on a 100 percent raw foods diet.  But I know it’s different strokes for different folks.

Up until this point my strategy has worked for me.  Maybe going totally raw will or won’t work for you.   Only you can determine that through experimentation.  My diet is my diet and your diet will be your diet.  Each and every individual is biologically built different so you have to approach your diet that way.  Why am I saying that you should deal with a certain percentage of raw foods?  Usually when you deal with plant protein you don’t have to worry about acid forming in the body because plants are alkaline.  Plants are high in protein but they are not acid forming (many of them).  When you start getting into meat, meat eating or dairy products you’re dealing with things that are acid forming.  Acid requires that you have a certain amount of calcium in your body to help break down the acid.  When you do not have the required amount of calcium in your body to help the digestive process calcium is released from your bones.  If you continue to do this over time you contract what is known as osteoporosis.  This happens because you’re losing all of your calcium and you are not replacing the calcium organically or supplementing.  When you deal with plant life in general you have  lower cholesterol and get phytonutrients and phytochemicals.

Dairy or meat products have a tendency to raise cholesterol.  The reason for this is the amount of fat and calories that are included in meat products.  Plants have virtually no fat so there are no cholesterol raising agents involved.  Have you ever known that people  that try to lower their cholesterol by switching to a low fat diet but never seeing any real results?  It’s because they continue with the  meat products which are calories.  If they were to eliminate these things and deal with plant life for the time being they would get the results they desired.  The more plants you consume the more micronutrients you will have in your diet.  Micronutrients keep you looking youthful and they protect you against disease.  If you want to look young and be disease-free stay focused on consuming a diet of at least 50 percent plant life.  Results don’t lie people do.

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