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QUICK FACTA shocking 33 per cent of 35 to 60-year-olds are so overweight that their manhood is hidden from sight when they stand upright and look downwards. (www.thesun.co.uk)

Anytime you hear the word “fat” there is automatically a negative connotation attached to the word (at least in our minds).  Every since you were young you have had the “F word” drilled into your head as something to avoid. Rightfully so, Americans are number one in the world in the fat belly and obesity epidemic.

On a metaphysical level it could be that we have been programmed and prodded so much to lose the so called fat belly or body fat that we’ve subconsciously attracted extra-fat to ourselves.  Yeah I know that is “way out there” but most certainly not impossible.  Most people are unaware that there are good fats necessary for the body that humans cannot produce.  Those are called essential fatty acids.  In this case we want you to lose the bad fat which comes from burnt meats, refined foods like potato chips and milk or cheese.  These are the things that fuel a fat belly!

Actually cheese is the biggest contributor of saturated fat in the American Diet.  Saturated fats which transform into lipid fats are what clog arteries and cause such a high rate of disease in the world.

Below are a few reasons that you will help you re-consider your motivation to tone up your fat belly and just to lose body fat in general.  The biggest sign that you are nutrient deficient is when you have excess weight around your mid-section.  This means that you are eating in response to an appetite (munchies) not true hunger.

3 Healthy Reasons to Lose Your Fat Belly

1.  Your Chances of Having Cancer Is Cut Down.  A study was done that showed that having low levels of abdominal body fat reduced your chance of producing extra insulin.  This specific kind of fat can lead to diabetes and heart disease and more importantly it sets off insulin to an enormous level that can lead to the growth of cancer cells.

2.  Your Balance/Posture is Greatly Enhanced.  Have you ever seen the guy with the fat belly who walks leaning backwards because his stomach is entirely too big?  We can equate him to a pregnant woman who has constant back pains because of the added pressure of a nine or 10 pound baby in her mid-section.  Having many pounds around the abdominal area simply puts you out of balance because you are constantly working to walk upright which wears on the lower back, knees and feet.  The advisable thing to do would be to get rid of the fat belly and strengthen those core muscles and lower back muscles which are responsible for the entire body.

3.  Hello Diabetes.  In most cases diabetes is a result of excess weight and daily diet packed with carbohydrates.  Based on author David Zinzenko, the carbohydrates that are not used are then sent to the midsection which can eventually turn into fatty acids being released into the body which reduces insulin breakdown.  The imbalance of insulin can trigger diabetes, which is why you may see many of those with diabetes taking an insulin shot each morning.

It’s one thing not to beat yourself up over having a fat belly but it’s another thing to be proud of it.  Large amounts of fat on the body are a detriment to whoever it is that has it unless you’re an Inuit person (Inuit people, also known as Eskimos, need certain amounts of fat for thermal protection).  I’ve seen a great deal of people promoting that it’s cool to be overweight.  From a moral standpoint, of course there is no problem with being overweight.  However, from a well-being sense being, obesity might as well be a disease.  It’s because some many other health complications come packaged with obesity.  Overweight and obese are two different things.  No matter what, we can always improve and should strive to do so.  At the end of the day it wouldn’t hurt anybody to trim down if they are carrying excess weight.

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