You Won’t Believe 2 of the 4 Major Habits That Cause Weight Gain!

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Foods that people are accustomed to seeing displayed inside their grocery store aisles as well as on advertisements have definitely increased their likely hood of becoming mislead by belief that packaged foods were designed to provide a great source for health.  In most countries, accessibility and a good bargain are two very important factors for most food shoppers.  The marketing of food products with advertisements was only adopted by our society for the sole purpose of creating the most efficient system to retain and maintain lucrative businesses.  Unfortunately for a lot of people, their health is increasingly becoming weak because of packaged foods.  Here are four of the most common reasons for over eating.

MSG: it makes the body Crave eating

Fast food chains have been depending on Monosodium glutamate (MSG) as a flavor enhancer to keep the loyalty of their customers for almost a century now. Most people in America tolerance level of foods without the natural flavor being interfered with has drastically dropped because of the large amounts this flavoring being included in most packaged products. The perception of what foods with MSG taste like changes the body’s original hormonal response in managing signs of feeling full when eating. MSG is a high risk additive that causes over eating because it has been shown that it manipulates the brain to form positive associations with processed/packaged foods despite their low nutritional value. The brain’s ability to effectively use the satiety hormone called Leptin becomes impaired when MSG is used; this is because the pancreas creates this hormone to create a feeling of satisfaction from eating foods. Most packaged foods includes this flavor enhancer, some examples of foods that are usually unsuspected of having this stimulant includes ice cream, Starbucks’ brand coffee, beer, protein whey powder, cereal and cigarettes. People usually fall victims of associating products containing MSG as a pleasurable experience and are more prone to becoming addicted to this substance. Research has proven that consuming MSG even when in moderate amounts will progressively increase a person’s appetite by more than 50 percent. Also, a study was conducted on laboratory rats showing that MSG increases the appetite of rats a part of the experiment by more than 40 percent. The rats in the study started eating excessively and experienced putting on additional weight when MSG was added in their food. MSG also causes an excessive production of insulin by the pancreas, this causes the energy extracted from foods including MSG will be rapidly ejected from the blood and quickly transferred into the tissue cells without the need for digestion process of the stomach to be completed. When blood sugar levels are drastically lowered too fast the body begins to feel hunger which is an unnatural reaction that is caused by MSG. Body cells become deprived of glucose to create energy when foods contain MSG. An enticement to over eat stems from the body’s hunt for replenishment to restore its lost energy. 

Vegetable oils, a rip-off to Natural oils.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a proverb that was recited by the one of America’s most notable founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin.  Foods made with junk creates disease within the body. The habit of trusting any and everything presented by the food industry is what most people are willing to commit to when they choose to buy foods lacking nutritional value. Vegetable oil is another product that hinders the body’s health and ability to uses resources it has effectively because of its toxicity. The high concentration of omega 6 fatty acids found in vegetable oil damages the immune system causing the body to become prone to inflammation. People who consume these unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats on a regular basis are destroying their body on a cellular level and are at a greater risk of being diagnosed with cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease; the most popular diseases contributing to the fatality rate in America. The cells in the body are damaged because when the two or more carbon chain bonds found in polyunsaturated fats enters the body, it becomes reactive to oxygen in blood cells. It blocks some of the body’s oxygenated cells it requires to function properly. After polyunsaturated fats is bonded to oxygen, it leaves the blood cells with very low levels of oxygen left to use to produce energy.  High amounts of omega 6 are commonly found in products known to contain Linoleic acid.  Oils seen on grocery store shelves with high levels of linoleic acid are soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, rice bran oil.

Hydrogenated oils should also be avoided because they are created using vegetable oil’s unsaturated fat has been artificially altered to become solidified using the chemical compound hydrogen. On food labels foods with hydrogenated oils are classified as Trans fat. Examples of foods products that are made from hydrogenated oils are butters, vegetable oil spread, vegetable shortening and margarine. Next time while shopping, make sure to read the ingredients on the packaged products because most food manufacturers are look for the cheapest ingredients to make their products and are not concerned about the deterioration of their consumers’ health.

The inactive Solar Plexus

“With Power and Success comes Great Responsibility.”  The strength and fortitude to create and accomplish life goals is controlled by the solar plexus chakra.  When inactive the body physically lacks the willpower needed to take control of self.  The body’s energy level relates to this chakra because the pancreas is also in this area to monitor blood sugar levels with its hormones.  Eating a healthy, MSG free diet helps the solar plexus to become activated because the body will be filled with energy based on the foods consumed.  Also, people with a healthy diet usually have a developed propensity to accomplish their goals consistently.

The inactive Root chakra

“Have the Audacity to go Against the Grain”.  Believing and trusting in one’s self is important because it represents not seeking validation and approval from the world.  Following the American diet trends today will only be alluring to someone who feels they are not deserving of having their own wants and needs being acknowledged.  When the root chakra is activated it is a reminder that taking care of the body requires independent thought.  The body always intuitively give signs of what it needs.  The art of being grounded comes from having the courage of trusting in one’s ideas and discoveries that are sometime uncommon to others because its originality was already permitted by life’s possibilities.

Article Written by Deadra Bekah

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