Reversing Weight Gain To Improve Low Libido & Sexual Performance

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Reversing the Weight Gain to Help Sex Life

Do you find yourself looking back at your old high school year book pictures and thinking about how slim and trim you were?  Don’t be ashamed because most people do.  I think we could take a nationwide poll of how many people have experienced weight gain of at least twenty pounds or more and the results would exceed the seventieth percentile.  Needless to say no one plans to stay slim forever.  After all, the monotony of the rat race and family life take up most of our time.

As time goes by many of us get bigger and bigger and before we know it we are looking in the mirror saying, “How did I get this way?”  Pretty soon you find yourself not feeling very attractive and that energy that you feel for yourself resonates over to your spouse or emanates out to others and pushes them away.  It may sound corny but this is really how it goes down.  So now you have gained some serious weight, your partner is growing less attracted to you and to make matters worse your desire for sex has dropped immensely.  The subconscious mind begins to have a big impact on the overall health and you become sensitive when people look at you or even try to share encouraging words.

weight gainSome of the things you can do, eat or drink right now to offset the weight gain

1. Grapefruits (help burn the fat)

2. Watermelon (will flush your body and for men strengthens prostate)

3. Trailmixes with dried fruit (relieves constipation and removes excess wastes from colon)

4. Lemon Water (alkalinizes the body and flushes the liver which processes fats)

5. Drink half your body weight in distilled water (If you weigh 200 pds, drink 100 ounces of water.  Distilled water pulls toxins much better than other waters)

6. Eliminate Bread as Bread is Sugar (3 slices of wheat bread is more dangerous than 6 spoons of sugar)

7. Eggs or Avocado (Tremendous source of natural cholesterol which helps testsosterone in men.  If you’re a vegan use the avocado)

8. Cut Down Meat Consumption (Meat blocks and clogs the arteries which blocks the blood flow to certain areas.  You feel me?)

9. Eliminate Alcohol.  Alcohol is sugar and sugar pulls water from all major organs in order to digest it.  Why do you think they have a term called “BEER BELLY”?  Because that’s where the alochol aka sugar  collects!  Even if you consume hard liquor, most people that drink will tell you that they have to eat something to “get something on their stomach” before they eat because they know that they will get sick without it.  So multiply that habit 2 to 3 times per week.  Surely you know that they are not eating salads and raw foods before they drink.

10. Eat with the Sun.  When the sun is up you can eat your heaviest meals (mid-day) but once the sun goes down so does your body, even the digestive part.  When the sun rises that’s generally when animals and people do.  The sun is the natural energy source for everything on earth.  If you can program yourself to eat in accordance with the sun it would help you.  Of course don’t starve yourself but I’m saying that UNLESS YOU WORK you should be consuming light things at night.

Studies show that approximately thirty-percent of all people gripe about having issues with sexual performance, desire, urge or all three.  These issues have been traced back to people who have physical and mental conditions that are linked to weight gain.  People who are overweight have higher amounts of cholesterol in their bloodstream which does a great job of inhibiting the desire for sex as well as performance.  Don’t get me wrong, cholesterol is not bad in the proper context.  I know you were told that you shouldn’t eat eggs because the cholesterol is bad for you. However, for males the cholesterol in eggs are a great inhibitor of testosterone which helps keep you masculine which ultimately leads to sports performance, better erections and great sex.   What is bad for you is if you are eating burnt butter (from scrambling eggs too long) that go along with the egg which causes you to consume a burnt egg, promoting toxic lipid fat storage in the cells!  Also people with type 2 diabetes battle with sexual desire as well because of the insulin resistance.

These issues not only affect men but women alike.  To add gasoline to the fire, excess body fat from weight gain leads to a body chemical (virtually unknown to the public) called sex hormone binding globulin which puts a halt on the ever so famous sex hormone known as testosterone.

The two immediate things that you can do to change this would be to change to a plant based diet.  I’m not suggesting that you become a vegan or vegetarian because that’s your prerogative  but I am saying that your diet should have a base of at least 70% plants if you want to improve your situation.  Also take up an aerobic exercise that you can do with other people such as bicycling (cycling), jogging, speed walking, swimming, etc.  You will find that as you lose that stomach and body fat you will begin to feel good about yourself which translates back to a heightened sexual desire and performance rate.

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